Head Girl Interns at the Senate of the Philippines

Natalia Louise “Lia” V. Jorge, 13, Year 9 student at Kings School Manila had a very productive summer.
Thursday, October 26, 2017

For 3 weeks, Lia did an internship at the Philippine Senate at the Office of Senator Benigno A. Aquino Jr. Senator Aquino is the youngest Senator at the Philippine Senate and has as his advocacies, Youth, Education and Entrepreneurship. When the opportunity for an internship opened, Lia immediately took interest. Since she was in her early years, Lia has always been interested and involved in socio-political activities, helping her mom with events geared towards voter’s education and youth leadership.

The three-week internship was no easy task. Although Lia was the youngest intern, not just at the Office of Senator Aquino, but also of the whole Philippine Senate, she was not given special treatment. Lia was required to do the same tasks and have the same schedule as other interns much older than her.

On her first day of internship, she met with the Senator and his staff to go through her interests, hobbies and the tasks to be assigned to her. She was required to go to work everyday except on days when there was no work at the Senate. Highlights of the work assigned to her include: to write a Policy Brief and attend a public hearing on “The effect of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs”; write a Policy Brief on ILO Convention 151, which was ratified by the Philippine Senate; accompany the Senator to his radio show and take notes and recommend questions; accompany the Senator to the launch of Angat Buhay for the Youth, a flagship program of the Vice President of the Philippines and prepare slides for a presentation of the Senator targeted for school children.

“Everyday my mom would drop me off at the Senate and pick me up at the end of the day. I was nervous at first but the Senator and his staff were very welcoming. I appreciated that they did not treat me differently from the others because of my age, but because I was also the youngest I wanted to do my best and show that I can work as hard as the other interns. I spent most of the time in the office except when I had assignments outside. I also ate lunch with them and attended their meetings and workshops. It was a great experience. I felt what it was like to work in the real world and do things that would matter and have impact on the Philippines and the people”.

Lia is also thankful for the quality of education, leadership and exposure that she receives from her KSM Education. “KSM teaches us how to be independent, to do our best in all that we do and represent ourselves and our school the best we can. The training I receive in KSM helped me with my work at the Senate. I am grateful for my KSM education.”