Celebrating International Day

International Day 2017 was another successful event at KSM.
Thursday, November 30, 2017

International Day is an opportunity to bring fun into learning, and to bring the huge number of nationalities we have in school together, allowing the students to teach each other about their heritage. This was the school’s biggest celebration of internationalism and intercultural awareness to date, and a great way to end the week.

Families put a lot of work into the outfits, and as we always have with these days, the parents generously provided plenty of native food for each country. Every class chose a country to showcase. Countries represented included Korea, Australia, Malaysia, UK, China, USA, Mexico, France, Taiwan, Nepal, Japan, Jamaica, Brazil and Nigeria. The classrooms were awash with colour, dancing and delicious aromas of foods from all the different countries.

It was a celebratory mood in the classrooms, and thank you to all the teachers for their hard work, and to the parents for their fantastic food and costumes. Special thanks to all the parents for supporting the KSM Bakarda with the planning and set up of this wonderful event.